147 Student-Athletes Named to 2013 Collegiate Water Polo Association Women's Varsity Scholar-Athlete Team

147 Student-Athletes Named to 2013 Collegiate Water Polo Association Women's Varsity Scholar-Athlete Team

BRIDGEPORT, Pa. -- 147 student-athletes were named to the 2013 Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) Women's Varsity Scholar-Athlete Team for their athletic and academic performance during the women's water polo season.

Previously named the All-Academic Team, the program honors student-athletes who have achieved grade point averages of 3.2 or higher and competed during the season.

Overall, 26 varsity athletes earned Outstanding (3.71-4.00), 66 garnered Superior (3.41-3.70) and 55 received Excellent (3.20-3.40) honors. The numbers are an increase over the 2012 totals which featured 32 Outstanding, 56 Superior and 50 Excellent selections for a total of 138 Scholar-Athlete accolades.

Among varsity teams that submitted information for honors, Connecticut College posted the highest team grade point average at 3.48, while Macalester College (3.46) and Indiana University (3.423) also broke the 3.4 plane.  Brown University (3.39), Mercyhurst University (3.36), Harvard University (3.31), Carthage College (3.29), Notre Dame College (3.25), Bucknell University (3.21), Hartwick College (3.20), George Washington University (3.19), University of Michigan (3.108), Princeton University (3.10), Utica College (3.06), Penn State Behrend (3.04) and Gannon University (3.027) exceeded a 3.0 GPA, with Washington & Jefferson College (3.00) rounding out the 17 squads that posted 2.75 or higher GPAs to receive league honors.



Outstanding (3.71-4.00)

Evan Cranston Brown University Outstanding
Malaika Drebin Brown University Outstanding
Sarah Presant Brown University Outstanding
Sarah Frank Bucknell University Outstanding
Ember McCoy Carthage College Outstanding
Mikaela McGovern Carthage College Outstanding
Kelsey Millward Connecticut College Outstanding
Maia Taft Connecticut College Outstanding
Samantha Pierce Connecticut College Outstanding
Kelly Steininger Gannon University Outstanding
Haley Cox Hartwick College Outstanding
Amanda Redfern Indiana University Outstanding
Erin Pannek Indiana University Outstanding
Meghan Lappan Indiana University Outstanding
Rebecca Gerrity Indiana University Outstanding
Shelby Taylor Indiana University Outstanding
Madeline Spolin Macalester College Outstanding
Alexandra Iaquinto Mercyhurst University Outstanding
Cailin Jope Mercyhurst University Outstanding
Jesse Sworden Mercyhurst University Outstanding
Rachel Rust Notre Dame College Outstanding
Lauren Rosato Penn State Behrend Outstanding
Kelly Martin  University of Michigan Outstanding
Dana Wieber Washington & Jefferson College Outstanding
Margot Wummer Washington & Jefferson College Outstanding
McKenzie Graf Washington & Jefferson College Outstanding

Superior (3.41-3.70)

Carly Wellington Brown University Superior
Kate Woods Brown University Superior
Kayla Stormont Brown University Superior
Victoria Pierotti Brown University Superior
Julianne Valdes Bucknell University Superior
Eleanor Marrs Bucknell University Superior
Emily Nowlin Bucknell University Superior
Katherine DeRuff Bucknell University Superior
Mackenzie Ferry Bucknell University Superior
Lisa Michalowski Carthage College Superior
Megan Gillis Carthage College Superior
Samantha Craig Carthage College Superior
Abigail Wrobleski Connecticut College Superior
Ashley Amey Connecticut College Superior
Ciara Beaulieu Connecticut College Superior
Gracie Miller Connecticut College Superior
Kristin Lampley Connecticut College Superior
Megan Wright Connecticut College Superior
Naomi Krieger Connecticut College Superior
Pam Lovejoy Connecticut College Superior
Adelee Choban Gannon University Superior
Erica Romanko Gannon University Superior
Rachel Bednarek Gannon University Superior
Allison Littlejohn George Washington University Superior
Erin Dickson George Washington University Superior
Hannah Cox George Washington University Superior
Jessie Hurd George Washington University Superior
Jessie Sinkula George Washington University Superior
Ruti Zwick George Washington University Superior
Katie Ermakova Hartwick College Superior
Lara Dendy Young Hartwick College Superior
Aisha Price Harvard University Superior
Christy DiSilvestro Harvard University Superior
Elise Molnar Harvard University Superior
Kalina Grabb Harvard University Superior
Rachel Lobato Harvard University Superior
Shayna Price Harvard University Superior
Victoria Frager Harvard University Superior
Candyce Schroeder Indiana University Superior
Devon Peterson Indiana University Superior
Shae Fournier Indiana University Superior
Anya Phillips Macalester College Superior
Christina Bloom Macalester College Superior
Hannah Currens Macalester College Superior
Rachel Harrington Abrams Macalester College Superior
Sarah Shoemaker Macalester College Superior
Zexin Nai Macalester College Superior
Allison Grimes Mercyhurst University Superior
Ann Blackman Mercyhurst University Superior
Kylie McCormick Mercyhurst University Superior
Stephanie Fernandez Mercyhurst University Superior
Trish Armstrong Mercyhurst University Superior
Elena Williams Notre Dame College Superior
Julia Vanderpool Notre Dame College Superior
Olena Orlova Notre Dame College Superior
Hannah Kelly Penn State Behrend Superior
Paula Rusca Penn State Behrend Superior
Saranna Soroka Princeton University Superior
Alexandra Thomason University of Michigan Superior
Hathaway Moore University of Michigan Superior
Natalie Naruns University of Michigan Superior
Sophie Hoegh    University of Michigan Superior
Alice Thai Utica College Superior
Beckee Morgan Utica College Superior
Allison Rocha Washington & Jefferson College Superior
Sara Boldt Washington & Jefferson College Superior

Excellent (3.20-3.40)

Chloe Kempf Brown University Excellent
Elisabeth Rosen Brown University Excellent
Emily Klein Brown University Excellent
Kat Booher Brown University Excellent
Olivia Santiago Brown University Excellent
Raquel Louis Brown University Excellent
Heather Smith Bucknell University Excellent
Katie Fester Bucknell University Excellent
Samantha Deana Bucknell University Excellent
Sayeh Bozorghadad Bucknell University Excellent
Taylor Barnett Bucknell University Excellent
Amanda Boothe Carthage College Excellent
Amanda Kuchan Carthage College Excellent
Ashley McGhee Carthage College Excellent
Jacqueline Knightly Carthage College Excellent
Kelly Baumgartner Carthage College Excellent
Esther Mehesz Connecticut College Excellent
Kate Jacobson Connecticut College Excellent
Katelyn Jacobs Gannon University Excellent
Mariah Hudson Gannon University Excellent
Shanen Lazenby Gannon University Excellent
Rachael Bentley George Washington University Excellent
Rachael Bentley George Washington University Excellent
Britt Tait  Hartwick College Excellent
Jemma Dendy Young Hartwick College Excellent
Laura Kuzma Hartwick College Excellent
Lily Gall Hartwick College Excellent
Michaela Davies Hartwick College Excellent
Sasha Freeborn Hartwick College Excellent
Ariel Dukes Harvard University Excellent
Hallie Lindsey Indiana University Excellent
Jessica Gaudreault Indiana University Excellent
Mary Campbell Indiana University Excellent
Summer Creighton Indiana University Excellent
Margaret McKenna Macalester College Excellent
Suzanne Oh Macalester College Excellent
Meagan Marquez Mercyhurst University Excellent
Angela Belback Notre Dame College Excellent
Alex Isaacson Penn State Behrend Excellent
Jaclyn Gowen Penn State Behrend Excellent
MaryEllen Spooner Penn State Behrend Excellent
Camille Hooks Princeton University Excellent
Kelly Gross Princeton University Excellent
Laura Martinez Princeton University Excellent
Molly McBee Princeton University Excellent
Pippa Temple Princeton University Excellent
Taylor Dunstan Princeton University Excellent
Elizabeth Williams University of Michigan Excellent
Gabriella Serure University of Michigan Excellent
Katie Hazelrigg University of Michigan Excellent
Presley Pender University of Michigan Excellent
Jecca Schumann Utica College Excellent
Jennifer Persio Utica College Excellent
Madison Christoff Utica College Excellent
Michelle Allen Utica College Excellent

Varsity Team GPA    
Connecticut College 3.48  
Macalester College 3.46  
Indiana University 3.423  
Brown University 3.39  
Mercyhurst University 3.36  
Harvard University 3.31  
Carthage College  3.29  
Notre Dame College 3.25  
Bucknell University 3.21  
Hartwick College 3.20  
George Washington University 3.19  
University of Michigan 3.108  
Princeton University 3.10  
Utica College 3.06  
Penn State Behrend 3.04  
Gannon Univerrsity 3.027  
Washington & Jefferson College 3.00  

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