129 Student-Athletes Named to 2012 Collegiate Water Polo Association Men's Varsity Scholar-Athlete Team

129 Student-Athletes Named to 2012 Collegiate Water Polo Association Men's Varsity Scholar-Athlete Team

BRIDGEPORT, Pa. -- 129 student-athletes have been named to the 2012 Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) Men's Varsity Scholar-Athlete Team for their athletic and academic performance during the men's water polo season in the fall.

Previously named the All-Academic Team, the program honors student-athletes who have achieved grade point averages of 3.2 or higher and competed during the season.

Overall, 33 varsity athletes earned Outstanding (3.71-4.00), 44 garnered Superior (3.41-3.70) and 52 received Excellent (3.20-3.40) honors among the the teams that nominated student-athletes.

The total marks a 14-person increase over the total from last season (115) and a 19-individual increase over the 2010 selections (110).

Among varsity teams that submitted information for honors, the St. Francis Brooklyn (3.55) posted the highest grade point average.  Harvard University (3.371), Brown University (3.37), Salem International University (3.18), Johns Hopkins University (3.12) George Washington University (3.11), Princeton University (3.10), Iona College (3.082), Washington & Jefferson College (3.00), the United States Naval Academy (2.98), Fordham University (2.97) and Penn State Behrend (2.92) also received honors as 12 squads reported 2.75 or higher GPAs.

Among collegiate club selections, 286 student-athletes garnered recognition as the total number of recognized CWPA student-athletes comes to 413, an 83 player increase over the previous conference record of 330 athletes achieved with the 2011 CWPA Scholar-Athlete Team, and a record 32 teams (12 varsity, 20 club).

Outstanding (3.71-4.0)
Brandon Crane Iona College
A.J. Galainena Princeton University
Aleksandar Jakovljevic St. Francis College Brooklyn
David Lonnberg St. Francis College Brooklyn
Guram Nozadze St. Francis College Brooklyn
Luka Vukomanovic St. Francis College Brooklyn
Tyler Perkins St. Francis College Brooklyn
Cyrus Mojdehi Brown University
Dean Serure Brown University
Matt Napleton Bucknell University
Adam Streeter George Washington University
Cameron Illes George Washington University
Milos Purkovic George Washington University
Jimmy Field Harvard University
Robbie Fluegge Harvard University
Conor Flemming Johns Hopkins University
Danny Ovelar Johns Hopkins University
Kevin Yee Johns Hopkins University
Thomas De Lyon Johns Hopkins University
Wes Heeter Johns Hopkins University
Milan Burkus Notre Dame College
Vladimir Bokun Notre Dame College
Victor Nguyen Penn State Behrend 
Myles Swartz Salem International University
Borislav Kovacev Salem International University
Paul Strube Salem International University
David Lonnberg St. Francis Brooklyn  
Jackson Hummeldorf U.S. Naval Academy 
Jesse Walker U.S. Naval Academy 
Julius Walker U.S. Naval Academy 
Tyler Barker U.S. Naval Academy 
Vikram Kanth U.S. Naval Academy 
Chris DeNunzio Washington & Jefferson College

Superior (3.41-3.70)
Eric Corley Iona College
Matthew McCrudden Iona College
Nicholas Joslyn Iona College
Istvan Cseh Notre Dame College
Kevin Zhang Princeton University
Bosko Stankovic St. Francis College Brooklyn
Igor Mladenovic St. Francis College Brooklyn
Jacob Barashick St. Francis College Brooklyn
Liam Veazey St. Francis College Brooklyn
Luka Raic St. Francis College Brooklyn
Marko Gencic St. Francis College Brooklyn
Joe Weiland Washington &  Jefferson College
Michael Kasunic Washington &  Jefferson College
Bryan Russell Brown University
Eric Robb Brown University
Grant Villeneuve Brown University
William Klein Brown University
Alex Nowlin Bucknell University
Ken Wattana Bucknell University
Nick DiLeo Connecticut College
Sam Siegel-Wallace Connecticut College
Patrick Lenihan Fordham University
Robert Wurtz Fordham University
Antone Martinho Harvard University
Austen Novis Harvard University
Blake Lee Harvard University
John Holland-McCowan Harvard University
Max Murphy Harvard University
Nathan Clement Harvard University
Noah Harrison Harvard University
Will Rollerr Harvard University
Cody Siemeck Iona College
Sean Davis Iona College
Stefen Hill Iona College
John Fitzgerald Notre Dame College
Michael Desroches Penn State Behrend 
Ty Elder Penn State Behrend 
Sam Butler Princeton University
Jorge Flores Salem International University
Matt Newby U.S. Naval Academy 
Paul Pedrotty U.S. Naval Academy 
Taylor Setness U.S. Naval Academy 
Tyler Thein U.S. Naval Academy 
Mike Magdic Washington & Jefferson College

Excellent (3.20-3.40)
Chris Culin Brown University
Henry Fox Brown University
James McNamara Brown University
Mike Hartwick Brown University
Nick Deaver Brown University
Ryan Gladych Brown University
Svetozar Stefanovic Brown University
Walker Shockley Brown University
Julian Colina Bucknell University
Max Wilder Bucknell University
Stephen Norton Bucknell University
Chris Pielock Connecticut College
Clayon Witter Connecticut College
Jonathon Stark Connecticut College
Rob Spencer Connecticut College
Daniel Kearney Fordham University
Davis DeFontes Fordham University
Guy Helman George Washington University
John Paul Bezerra George Washington University
Matthew Williams George Washington University
Paul Deasey George Washington University
Colin Woolway Harvard University
Kristian Bocage Iona College
Henry Pfleger Johns Hopkins University
Alex Whittam Johns Hopkins University
Kielan Crow Johns Hopkins University
Pavo Ljepopipo Notre Dame College
Aaron Figurski Penn State Behrend 
Matthew Johnson Penn State Behrend 
T. Hunter Backentose Penn State Behrend 
Ted Dean Penn State Behrend 
Alex Gow Princeton University
Kayj Shannon Princeton University
Kurt Buchbinder Princeton University
Kristopher Arnold Salem International University
Balint Toth St. Francis College Brooklyn
Marko Dzigurski St. Francis College Brooklyn
Matt Varela St. Francis College Brooklyn
Vuk Vujosevic St. Francis College Brooklyn
Beau Bayless U.S. Naval Academy 
Christopher Geer U.S. Naval Academy 
Erich Schwamb U.S. Naval Academy 
Garrett Sabesky U.S. Naval Academy 
Patton Taylor U.S. Naval Academy 
Sean McDonald U.S. Naval Academy 
Tommy Schofer U.S. Naval Academy 
William Weggeland U.S. Naval Academy 
Nick Thornloe Washington &  Jefferson College
Alex Shuey Washington & Jefferson College
Drew Hugenberg Washington & Jefferson College
Justin Brier Washington & Jefferson College
Nick Thornloe Washington & Jefferson College

Team GPA (2.75 or higher)
St. Francis College Brooklyn 3.550
Harvard University 3.371
Brown University 3.370
Salem International University 3.180
Johns Hopkins University 3.120
George Washington University 3.110
Princeton University 3.100
Iona College 3.082
Washington & Jefferson College 3.000
U.S. Naval Academy 2.980
Fordham University 2.970
Penn State Behrend 2.920

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