Donate to Save University of Maryland Women's Water Polo

Donate to Save University of Maryland Women's Water Polo


COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- In order to Save Water Polo, a steering group of alumni, parents and friends is working with athletic department staff to raise $4,205,366 in cash donations by June 30, 2012.

You can help us to avoid program elimination for Maryland Water Polo by making a donation now, either online or by mail or fax. No donation is too large or too small.

Should we not be able to save our sport, donations will either be re-designated or refunded, depending on the date of donation. Please see the Donor FAQ or Gift Agreement for details.

Teams will work to raise funds independently, but in order for the University of Maryland to continue to comply with the non-negotiable requirements of the federal Title IX law, to save a men's program, we must also reach the fund raising goal for a women's program with similar squad size and scholarship commitments, and vice versa.

Make your gift to SAVE MARYLAND WATER POLO today. If you'd like to speak with a staff member about your gift intentions, contact Julie Potter at (301) 314-7077 or

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