2016 Women's Club All-Conference

Atlantic Division
Most Valuable Player: Claire Curran (University of Virginia)
Coach of the Year: Dan Gioeli (University of Virginia)
First Team
Katie Lane (Goalie) University of Virginia
Claire Curran University of Virginia
Samantha Kritzer University of Virginia
Sydney Collins University of Virginia
Mary Delmonte University of Virginia
Olivia Browning University of North Carolina
Claire Hybl Virgnia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Second Team
Kristin Gunther (Goalie) Virgnia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Caroline Fountain Virgnia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Brittany Henry Virgnia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Elizabeth Kamai University of North Carolina
Abbey Kinnaman University of North Carolina
Deanna Millunas University of North Carolina
Katrina Boyd University of Virginia

Big Ten Division
Most Valuable Player: Megan Wolf (The Ohio State University)
Coach of the Year: Nate Cohen (The Ohio State University)
First Team
Nikki Baron (Goalie) University of Michigan
Desiree Cougill University of Michigan
Erin Pannek Indiana University
Gena Wendt Indiana University
​Jilian Eiken Michigan State University
Megan Wolf The Ohio State University
Maria Palladino University of Iowa

Second Team
Rachel Privett (Goalie) University of Wisconsin
Claire Bartosic University of Michigan
Becca Ford University of Michigan
Kate Huizenga University of Michigan
Meredith McKeown Michigan State University
Tammy Katz The Ohio State University
Leah Malsom University of Illinois

Heartland Division
Most Valuable Player: Isabelle Trier (Washington University in St. Louis)
Coach of the Year: David Jimenez (Washington University in St. Louis)
First Team
Isabelle Trier (Goalie) Washington University in St. Louis
Alex Rhodes Washington University in St. Louis
Helen You Washington University in St. Louis
Emma Newman Knox College
Brittany Knowlton Knox College
Clarice Bernett  Knox College
Beth Tsuha Grinnell College

Second Team
Laura Lee (Goalie) Knox College
Grace Van Beest Saint Mary's University (Minn.)
Christina Weldai Saint Mary's University (Minn.)
Reese Galewski Saint Mary's University (Minn.)
Allison Rhodes Washington University in St. Louis
Meg Summa Washington University in St. Louis
Natalie Goldman Washington University in St. Louis

Mid-Atlantic Division
Most Valuable Player: Victoria Zitzka (University of Pittsburgh)
Coach of the Year: Adrienne Fyock (University of Pittsburgh)
First Team
Victoria Zitzka (Goalie) University of Pittsburgh
Sam Sullivan University of Pittsburgh
Abi Rubio University of Pittsburgh
Renee Chin Lee  University of Pennsylvania
Xiping Quek University of Pennsylvania
Emily Argentati  Pennsylvania State University
Alexis Detweiler West Chester University

Second Team
Nya Wilkins (Goalie) University of Pennsylvania
Jordan Cox Carnegie Mellon University
Sage Yort Carnegie Mellon University
Claire Washabaugh Pennsylvania State University
Alex Stickler  Pennsylvania State University
Leah McCarthy University of Pittsburgh
Maggie Walker  University of Pittsburgh

Midwest Division
Most Valuable Player: Kara Vandawater (Grand Valley State University)
Coach of the Year: Ben Gronwold (Illinois State University)
First Team
Hannah Heemstra (Goalie) Grand Valley State University
Kara Vandawater Grand Valley State University
Jessica Hinderer Grand Valley State University
Cat Fischer Grand Valley State University
Maddie Renezeder University of Notre Dame
Colleen Fricke University of Notre Dame
Michal Andreatta Lindenwood University 

Second Team
Caley Martinez (Goalie) University of Notre Dame
Samantha Henze University of Notre Dame
Kelly Fricke University of Notre Dame
Sam Mateusewski Illinois State University
Emily Koss Illinois State University
Rachel Rust Lindenwood University 
Sam del Prado Miami University (Ohio)

New England Division
Most Valuable Player: Hannah Grotzinger (Middlebury College)
Coach of the Year: Brian Goodwin (Middlebury College)
First Team
Shelly Wenzel (Goalie) Dartmouth College
Heather Clark Boston College
Adrienne Ingalla Boston University
Olivia Wade Boston University
Hannah Grotzinger Middlebury College
Sam Horn Middlebury College
Alexandra Spencer-Wong Middlebury College

Second Team
Varsha Srivastava (Goalie) Boston University
Ashley Reischman Boston University
Eliza Gross Boston College
Elizabeth Titterton  Boston College
Paige Bigley Dartmouth College
Christina Denbow Middlebury College
Corinna Torabi University of Massachusettes

New York Division
Most Valuable Player: Belle Cutbirth (Syracuse University)
Coach of the Year: Osun Mau (Syracuse University)
First Team
Dani Osman (Goalie) Colgate University
Anna Heil Colgate University
Aleah Halverson New York University
Mckayla Tyler New York University
Caroline Montgomery Columbia University
Kate Alexander  Cornell University
Belle Cutbirth Syracuse University

Second Team
Frances Atkins (Goalie) Cornell University
Marissa Lopez Cornell University
Liz Stratton Colgate University
Jess Cauley Colgate University
Taylor Dawson Colgate University
Maddie McCarton New York University
Melissa Rule Syracuse University

North Atlantic Division
Most Valuable Player: Rachel Nelson (Yale University)
Coach of the Year: Catherine Flint (Yale University)
First Team
Alex Schluntz (Goalie) Yale University
Rachel Nelson Yale University
Erin Houlihan Bowdoin College
Katie Carter Bowdoin College
Lela Garner Bowdoin College
Allison Fernandez Wellesley College
Cassandra Flores-Montano Wellesley College

Second Team
Sydney Mills (Goalie) United States Coast Guard Academy
Mary Kate Dilworth Yale University
Taylor Church Yale University
Irene Jiang Yale University
Hayley Bergman Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Leilani Gilpin Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Claire Whitaker Wellesley College

Northwest Division
Most Valuable Player: Danielle Flanagan (University of Washington (Wash.))
Coach of the Year: Steffen Land (University of Oregon)
First Team
Sulley Schuster (Goalie) University of Oregon
Danielle Flanagan University of Washington (Wash.)
Mary-Elizabeth Ward University of Washington (Wash.)
Alex Davis Oregon State University
Brooke Learmouth Portland State University
Sarah Cambell Washington State University
Claire Talbert Western Washington University

Second Team
Sierra Anderson (Goalie) University of Washington (Wash.)
Taylor Lavine University of Washington (Wash.)
Brett Higgins University of Oregon
Emily England University of Oregon
Sophie Gemelas University of Oregon
Julianna Howe Western Washington University
Aurora Oceguera Oregon State University

Pacific Coast Division
Most Valuable Player: Erica Weed (University of California-Santa Barbara)
Coach of the Year: Tyler Trute (California State University-Long Beach)
First Team
Erica Weed (Goalie) University of California-Santa Barbara
Shannon Grossman University of California-Santa Barbara
Taylor Best California Polytechnic State University
Claudia Macedo California Polytechnic State University
Gianna Milano California Polytechnic State University
Christine MacLennan California State University-Long Beach
Jenn Halcovage University of California-Los Angeles

Second Team
Sierra Sheeper (Goalie) California Polytechnic State University
Jessie Smith California Polytechnic State University
Melanie Flores California Polytechnic State University
Kaitlin Finney University of California-Los Angeles
Samantha Lee University of California-Los Angeles
Rachel Vaughn Hulbert University of California-Santa Barbara
Emma Smith University of Southern California

Rocky Mountain Division
Most Valuable Player: Alex Walker, University of Utah
Coach of the Year: Drew Bonus, University of Colorado
First Team
Haley Abrams (Goalie) University of Colorado
Madison Schelble University of Colorado
Madison Lampe University of Colorado
LeAnn Nguyen University of Utah
Gabriella Minassain University of Utah
Maggie Alexander University of Utah
Alex Walker University of Utah

Second Team
Casey Guardia (Goalie) United States Air Force Academy
Jillian Combs United States Air Force Academy
Cassandra Preston United States Air Force Academy
Jolie Rogers University of Colorado
Kate Whooley University of Colorado
Mary Rose Klein University of Colorado
Brinn Busch University of Denver

Sierra Pacific Division
Most Valuable Player: Abby Woodruff (University of California-Berkeley)
Coach of the Year: Emily Schmit (University of California-Berkeley)
First Team
Madison de Ronde (Goalie) California State University-Chico
Abby Woodruff University of California-Berkeley
Bella Gonzalez University of California-Berkeley
Ally Volf University of California-Berkeley
Audrey Light University of California-Berkeley
Michaela Tillinghast University of California-Davis
Sofia Caryotakis University of California-Davis

Second Team
Remy Wallace (Goalie) University of California-Berkeley
Amber Walton University of California-Berkeley
Maddie Chen University of California-Berkeley
Allie Moore California State University-Chico
Jamie Elliot California State University-Chico
Diana Hatamian University of California-Davis
Kaitlyn Shaw University of California-Santa Cruz

Southeast Division
Most Valuable Player: Kaylee Petik (University of Florida)
Coach of the Year: Jocelyn Bilkey (Emory University)
First Team
Kaylee Petik (Goalie) University of Florida
Tina Papadopolous University of Florida
Shannon MacNeil University of Florida
Kristina Cronin Florida State University
Marie Marsh Florida State University
Kristin Plitnick University of Central Florida
Dakota Porter  University of Central Florida

Second Team
Amanda Denkler (Goalie) Florida State University
Alex Kata Florida State University
Rachel Weisend Florida State University
Adi Rosenthal Emory University
Jessie Preslar Emory University
Marina Ribeiro University of Central Florida
Lyndsey Holland University of Central Florida

Southwest Division
Most Valuable Player: Katie Enstad (San Diego State University)
Coach of the Year: Jamie Cassidy (San Diego State University)
First Team
Katie Enstad (Goalie) San Diego State University
Frannie Kuesis San Diego State University
Lexie Domingo San Diego State University
Nicole Ryder San Diego State University
Kayla McGowan San Diego State University
Nicki Prohaska  University of California-San Diego
Hannah Caskey University of California-San Diego

Second Team
Alenoush Aslanian (Goalie) University of California-San Diego
Natalie Popescu University of California-San Diego
Adelaide Naumann Arizona State University
Nicole Foster Arizona State University
Colleen Boensel San Diego State University
Emily Seitz San Diego State University
Leslie Fernando University of California-Irvine

Texas Division
Most Valuable Player: Michaella Marshall (University of Texas)
Coach of the Year: Mary Kathryn Allen (University of Texas)
First Team
Michaella Marshall (Goalie) University of Texas
Angela Floyd University of Texas
Michelle Hubbard Texas A&M University
Nichole Libby Texas State University
Darla Vasquez Texas Tech University
Melanie Weyers Baylor University
Hanna Healy Baylor University

Second Team
Sarah Norlin (Goalie) Texas Tech University
Abigail Smith University of Texas
Elle Bruachle University of Texas
Madison Yeats University of Texas
Noelle Payne Texas Christian University
Kelly Kuchenbecker Texas Christian University
Helen Wei Rice University

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