2015 Men's Club All-Conference

Atlantic Division
Most Valuable Player: Lucas Duffy (Johns Hopkins University)
Coach of the Year: Chris Beckmann (Johns Hopkins University)
First Team
Taylor Blair (Goalie) Virginia Polytechnic State University
Ryan Staton Virginia Polytechnic State University
Brian Daly Virginia Polytechnic State University
Brian Thibodeau Virginia Polytechnic State University
Steven Roberts University of Maryland
Patrick Burke University of Maryland
Lucas Duffy Johns Hopkins University

Second Team
Travis Rhea (Goalie) Duke University
Cameron Walker Duke University
Aaron Lawrence Johns Hopkins University
Jon Ascensio Johns Hopkins University
Michael Morrow University of Virginia
Conor McLaughlin University of Virginia
David Nakos University of Maryland

Big Ten Division
Most Valuable Player: Jordan Palmer (University of Illinois)
Coach of the Year: Ben Hubbard (University of Michigan)
First Team
Daniel Wu (Goalie) University of Michigan
Davis Argersinger University of Michigan
Jordan Palmer University of Illinois
Jaime Juarez University of Illinois
Alex Dewhirst Indiana University
Rassul Yeshpaxeu Purdue University
Edgar Lopez University of Wisconsin

Second Team
Gerald Porter, Jr. (Goalie) University of Wisconsin
David Newberger University of Michigan
Tom McLeod University of Michigan
Seiji Osawa University of Michigan
Lucas Wilson Michigan State University
Mitch Sokolsky Michigan State University
Kyle Kreunen Indiana University

Colonial Division
Most Valuable Player: Mac Finnie (Williams College)
Coach of the Year: Erin Cohn (Wesleyan University)
First Team
Andrew Gartley (Goalie) Wesleyan University
Spencer Tang Wesleyan University
Mac Finnie Williams College
Jason Ring Williams College
John Hammond Williams College
Alex Driesbach Amherst College
Julio Rocha United States Coast Guard Academy

Second Team
Jordan Jace (Goalie) Williams College
John Freeman Williams College
Tim Dion United States Coast Guard Academy
Robert Bernardi United States Coast Guard Academy
Kaison Ifill Amherst College
Buster Bickerton Wesleyan University
Jessie Johnson Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

Florida Division
Most Valuable Player: Blake Wagner (University of Florida)
Coach of the Year: Kurt Predmore (Florida State University)
First Team
Billy Whidden (Goalie) University of Florida
Blake Wagner University of Florida
Kyle Freire Florida State University
Jonathan Van Putten Florida State University
Adam King Florida State University
Brandon Smith Florida State University
Keenan Berrry University of Miami

Second Team
Steven Dawson (Goalie) Florida State University
Trevor Mylin University of Florida
Max Lettau University of Florida
Anshul Devnani University of Central Florida
Andres Duarte University of Central Florida
Justin Gray University of Central Florida
Tyler Costolo Florida Atlantic University

Great Lakes Division
Most Valuable Player: Daniel Pantoja (University of Illinois-Chicago)
Coach of the Year: Spencer Sanders (Grand Valley State University)
First Team
Daniel Pantoja (Goalie) University of Illinois-Chicago
Nick Velazquez University of Illinois-Chicago
Matt O'Rourke University of Illinois-Chicago
Jacob Davis Grand Valley State University
Wally Kleinfeldt Grand Valley State University
Ben McClurg The Ohio State University
Mitchel Guist Xavier University

Second Team
Ross Kunzi (Goalie) Grand Valley State University
Drace Penley The Ohio State University
Matt Gustafson The Ohio State University
Lorenzo Bertoni University of Illinois-Chicago
Cody Meuris University of Illinois-Chicago
Emerson Kirk University of Notre Dame
David Katter University of Notre Dame

Heartland Division
Most Valuable Player: Tim Sherwood (Grinnell College)
Coach of the Year: Tim Sherwood (Grinnell College)
First Team
Zach Laird (Goalie) Grinnell College
Tim Sherwood Grinnell College
Kyren Dimarzio Grinnell College
Ian Disteldorf Augustana College
Scott Doberstein Augustana College
Alex Frank Macalester College
Sean Mock Macalester College

Second Team
David Munkvold (Goalie) Macalester College
Ian Lock Macalester College
Ben Kromash Macalester College
Connor Bailey Grinnell College
Tristan Knoth Grinnell College
Daniel Goldstein Grinnell College
Jakr Speechey Augustana College

Mid-Atlantic Division
Most Valuable Player: Alex Chialastri (Drexel University)
Coach of the Year: Josh Hoornaert (Drexel University)
First Team
Alex Chialastri (Goalie) Drexel University
Chad Schmidt Drexel University
Kolin Knott  Pennsylvania State University
Nate Savoy  Pennsylvania State University
George Driscoll Villanova University
Josh Chatfield  Villanova University
Mike Meigs University of Pennsylvania

Second Team
Jeremy Smith (Goalie) Pennsylvania State University
Nick Poulin  Pennsylvania State University
Drew Rogerson Pennsylvania State University
Max Ginsberg University of Pittsburgh
Joey Wieland University of Pittsburgh
David Tomajan  Drexel University
Alex Bowers  West Chester University

Mid-Atlantic Division "B"  
First Team  
Mark Moses (Goalie) University of Delaware
Ben Slivka University of Delaware
Sam Smith Widener University
Jeff Hicks Widener University
Eddie Seyfried Widener University
Tanner Steinhart Bloomsburg University
Pete Wheat Grove City College
Second Team  
Mike Novotsy (Goalie) Bloomsburg University
Joe Fitzgerald Bloomsburg University
Tim Bergquist Grove City College
Haydn Niehaus Grove City College
Daniel Peng Grove City College
Adam Bowers University of Delaware
Michael Maxey University of Delaware
Missouri Valley Division
Most Valuable Player: Alex Navarro Beltrol (Lindenwood University)
Coach of the Year: Evan Zaggy (Washington University in St. Louis)
First Team
Mario Caballero (Goalie) Lindenwood University
Diego Aldea Lindenwood University
Alex Navarro Beltrol Lindenwood University
Keith Fabick Saint Louis University
Andrew Diemer Saint Louis University
Joe DuBois Saint Louis University
Flynn Walker Washington University in St. Louis

Second Team
Daniel McNamee (Goalie) Saint Louis University
Brian Woods Saint Louis University
Mike Lee Washington University in St. Louis
Sky Walker Washington University in St. Louis
Max Bernstein Washington University in St. Louis
Javier Garcia Platero Lindenwood University
Harrison Klemm Truman State University

New England Division
Most Valuable Player: Peter Loomis (Dartmouth College)
Coach of the Year: Randy Budner (Dartmouth College)
First Team
Trevor Prince (Goalie) Boston College
Dan Kelly Boston College
John Treinen Boston College
Sean Fisher Boston College
Peter Loomis Dartmouth College
Zsombor Vincze Dartmouth College
Colin Fristoe Dartmouth College

Second Team
Danish Kidwai (Goalie) University of Connecticut
Joshua McDonough Boston Unviversity
Curtis Hon Boston Unviversity
Calvin Rhodes Yale University
Thomas Lazzarini Yale University
Colin Derdeyn Boston College
David Rozenfeld Dartmouth College

New York Division
Most Valuable Player: Kyle Nadel (Columbia University)
Coach of the Year: Akhil Mehta (Columbia University)
First Team
Brian Trippe (Goalie) Columbia University
Kyle Nadel Columbia University
Jop Weterings Columbia University
Casidhe McClone Columbia University
Harrison Holland-McCowan Cornell University
Nick Goldman Cornell University
Shelby Lee United States Military Academy

Second Team
Jeffery Stark (Goalie) United States Military Academy
Brenden Cagney United States Military Academy
Colin Stone United States Military Academy
Matthew Fox United States Military Academy
Tyler Triscari Cornell University
Jordan Stout Cornell University
Harry Waskow Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

North Atlantic Division
Most Valuable Player: Moshe Porter (Northeastern University)
Coach of the Year: Chris Ward (Bates College)
First Team
Ben Sommer (Goalie) Bates College
Chris Ward Bates College
Sam Bass Bates College
Michael Lordi Tufts University
Charles Wood Tufts University
Peter Cohen Bowdoin College
Moshe Porter Northeastern University

Second Team
Raquel Santizo Bowdoin College
Sam Burns Northeastern University
Will Ragheb Northeastern University
Michael Van Wickle Northeastern University
Chase Hodge Bowdoin College
John Lagasse Bowdoin College
(Goalie) Carter Neumann Northeastern University

Northwest Division
Most Valuable Player: Nick Meyer (Oregon State University)
Coach of the Year: Matty Benabid (Oregon State University)
First Team
Zach Wymann (Goalie) Oregon State University
Nick Meyer Oregon State University
Kai Gerringer Oregon State University
Mitchel O'Donnell University of Oregon
Matt Burkey University of Washington
Evan Moline Washington State University
James Hammer Western Washington University

Second Team
Quinlan Hughes (Goalie) Washington State University
Grant Schoenlein Washington State University
Forest Lofgren Oregon State University
Jacob Mole Oregon State University
Mark Moshofsky University of Washington
Grant Dunaway University of Washington
Colton Saunders University of Oregon

Pacific Coast Division
Most Valuable Player: Derek Anderson (Long Beach State University)
Coach of the Year: Tyler Trute (Long Beach State University)
First Team
Derek Anderson (Goalie) California State University-Long Beach
Reed Conforti California State University-Long Beach
Julian Reisch California State University-Long Beach
Gray Lange III California State University-Long Beach
Garrision Yeandle California Polytechnic State University
Hans van Warmedan California Polytechnic State University
Alex Voloshko University of California-Santa Barbara

Second Team
Tommy McGuire (Goalie) California Polytechnic State University
Jack Brown California Polytechnic State University
Ryan Perry University of California-Santa Barbara
Matt Bucter University of California-Santa Barbara
Matt Thornton University of California-Santa Barbara
Ian Kistler University of California-Santa Barbara
Cade Montgomery University of California-Los Angeles

Rocky Mountain Division
Most Valuable Player: Cole Pollina (University of Denver)
Coach of the Year: Tucker Mattern (Colorado State University)
First Team
Sam Thomas (Goalie) University of Utah
Brandton Ferrin University of Utah
Nate Peercy University of Utah
Riley Fantasia Colorado State University
Landon Carr University of Colorado
Cole Pollina University of Denver
James Kiefer University of Wyoming

Second Team
Ian Macfarlane (Goalie) University of Colorado
Nick Miller University of Colorado
Stephen Tifft University of Colorado
Jon Paz Colorado School of Mines
Jacob Schafer Colorado State University
Peter Creveling University of Utah
Alex Vass University of Wyoming

Sierra Pacific Division
Most Valuable Player: Max Schell (University of California)
Coach of the Year: Beth Harberts (San Jose State University)
First Team
Taylor Wingard (Goalie) University of California
Max Schell University of California
Doug Greer University of California
Evin Weiser University of California
Ryan Sevilla California State University-Chico
Jack Ryan California State University-Chico
Talon Gay University of California- Davis

Second Team
Harrison Brown (Goalie) University of California- Davis
Daniel Bondesson University of California- Davis
Zoltan Lazar University of California- Davis
Jack Clark University of California
Connor MacDonald California State University-Maritime Academy
Ronald Cope San Jose State University
Samuel Lisbonne Stanford University

Southeast Division
Most Valuable Player: Kevin Hughes (University of Georgia)
Coach of the Year: Josh Hall (Vanderbilt University)
First Team
Jackson Sanders (Goalie) University of Georgia
Kevin Hughes University of Georgia
Zach Halbig University of Georgia
Sam Bondurant University of Tennessee
Kyle Johnson Auburn University
JR McMillan Emory University
Charlie Oliva Georgia Institute of Technology

Second Team
Alex Ullrich (Goalie) Georgia Institute of Technology
Evan Zinner Georgia Institute of Technology
Drew Hogan University of Tennessee
Mark Artz University of Tennessee
Robert Scott Auburn University
Steven Siclari Clemson University
Sam Erlinger Vanderbilt University

Southwest Division
Most Valuable Player: Josh Heller (San Diego State University)
Coach of the Year: Larry Sanders (San Diego State University)
First Team
Tim Huson (Goalie) San Diego State University
Matthew French San Diego State University
Josh Heller San Diego State University
Collin Layana San Diego State University
Robert Schatz Arizona State University
Mohammad Alboloushi University of Arizona
Mike van Ahlers University of California-San Diego 

Second Team
Matthew Prestinario (Goalie) University of Arizona
Patrick Shearer University of Arizona
Naran Lodhia University of Arizona
Phil Tran San Diego State University
Ian Murray San Diego State University
John Higgins University of California-Irvine
Connor Watson University of California-San Diego 

Texas Division
Most Valuable Player: Nate Zuiker (University of Texas)
Coach of the Year: Jon Fouty (University of Houston)
First Team
Stefan Grasu (Goalie) University of Texas
Forrest Austin University of Texas
Nate Zuiker University of Texas
Alex Sikkema Texas State University
Harry Oliver Texas State University
Kevin Kenney Texas A&M University
Ahmad Zahra University of Houston

Second Team
Micheal Shashoua (Goalie) Rice University
Nikko Hacopian University of Texas
Cooper Raterink University of Texas
Evan Grimes University of Texas
Matt Ryan Baylor University
Brandon Charles Texas A&M University
Brandon Parker Texas State University

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