So You Are Going to Broadcast a CWPA Event?

The Collegiate Water Polo Association has launched a program to help teams stream games. Due to budget restrictions and other physical limitations, the league is unable to cover many of the events around the country with our larger multi-camera productions.  

Therefore, we have developed a workaround to this problem through our new Multimedia Streaming Kits, which provide each team the ability to stream their events live for the whole world to see!

As part of the program, teams that elect to partner with the CWPA to stream their contests will receive part of the revenue generated through the CWPA's multimedia home on Stretch Internet.



Our streaming kits are Mac based and require that you provide a portable Macbook machine with Thunderbolt technology. With the popularity of Macbook computers with student athletesit shouldn't be too difficult to locate one on campus.  How do you know if a Macbook has Thunderbolt technology? Well that information is included in this email, along with links to necessary software you will need to download to stream your event.  All of this information is discussed in detail in the CWPA Stream Kit webinar.

Here is a list of what you must supply to make the streaming kit effective:

  • Macbook w/Thunderbolt connection
  • Extension cord w/powerstrip
  • Headphones to monitor audio

CLICK HERE to learn if you have a Thunderbolt connection on your computer.

For more information on the program, watch the video below that details the equipment included in the streaming kits and set-up.


CWPA Streaming Webinar 1.0

Webinar on CWPA's new Stream Kit from CWPA on Vimeo.


CWPA Streaming Webinar 2.0

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