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By returning this form, your institution and athletes agree to the following criteria:

A) Participate in the entire league schedule, including the division championship.

B) Pay the entire league fee, even it you withdraw

C) Allow the CWPA to use the voice, image, likeness in video or still photography, and name of any athletes & coaches.  Such activities may include, but are not limited to, the purposes of promoting the league, resale of the image and/or web-streaming the event.  All rights extend to any party to whom the CWPA wishes to extend such benefit, including professional photographers and media groups.


If a team fails to show for any league contest or withdraw from the schedule after September 1 (men) or January 15 (women), such team understands they will be suspended from league membership for the current season, as well as the entirety of the following season/next year and must still pay league fees.

Forms must be submitted by the Club Sports Supervisor (not a coach, student-athlete or team contact).

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